The weirdest wedding traditions in the world

Love is a universal language, it has no limits, connecting people, unite diversity. True love drives the world and it is base of everything and for many, the crown of each love relationship is, of course, marriage.

Although the feeling of love is well-known to all, cause you can be in love with music, sun, travel, feel the love for your parents, children, pets or similar, wedding traditions are different within one country and non-measurable between different states or continents.

Wedding tradition in Croatia

I recently attended a wedding in Zagreb, and although it was really funny and great, and I had quite a great time over there, I couldn’t help myself not to notice the same pattern which is repeated over and over again on all Croatian weddings. Well, I am not exactly the female version of wedding crashers, but in my thirties, I have collected a reasonable number of those, the most popular places to party for adults 🙂

Pre-wedding customs

I remember the first wedding ceremony in Croatia that I was invited on. It was really something. A lot of young people and games all night long. Although at that time there were much more customs than nowadays, many of them are still actual today.

Buying the bride 

First of all, custom dictates that a groom must go to the house of his bride and try to “buy” her. At the entrance of the house, there are usually some obstacles that a groom has to solve to show that he is a worthy partner to his beloved. For example, iron with a bunch of clothes to iron, or wood needs to be drained, dishes to wash or similar.


After the first exam for the groom, there is usually another one o a doorstep. With the help of his godfather, he needs to negotiate with the sellers of the bride, normally brides godmother.


Usually, they argue about the amount of money they are willing to accept in change for the bride. Money can be true or false, depends on opportunities.

As if that was not enough, often they first try to cheat the groom and bring him a false bride, usually a man ( some of the guests) disguised in a bride.

One and only – first dance

After the civil or church ceremony of the wedding, there is still one formality that can sometimes give a headache to some of the newlyweds – the first dance with whom the party can finally start and alcohol flow. Dancers or not, they all work off it pretty well.

Wedding cake and catching the bouqet or garter

One of the infallible customs is that a new pair, around midnight together, cut their wedding cake as a symbol of the unity. Afterward, the groom and the bride throw their bouquet/garter and all still single guests try to catch them. Weider, you want it badly or you hide not to catch it, it is believed that the one who catches it, it’s the next bride/groom.

Wedding traditions in the world

Planet Earth is definitely multifarious in every way and wedding ceremonies are not exceptions. I am sure that every country has some of them own traditions to be proud off, but some of them are really unusual.


In the ancient past, in this well-known land of refinement, wine, and cheese, the wedding custom was that the newlyweds drink wedding leftovers from the toilet. Luckily, today the original toilet is replaced for small porcelain replica from which they drink and toast for a long and happy marriage.


If you are women born in India, and youa are born in specific astrological period, when planets Mars and Saturn are in seventh house, you were supposed to be cursed. It is believed that those kind of women, called Manglix, cause very early death to their mans. The only cure for above said is to marry Manglix women to a tree on a special ceremony, and then cut it down to brake the curse.

Borneo island

If you have a sensitive stomach, do not read this! Namely, in Borneo, the custom is not to leave the sleeping room for days, not even to go to the bathroom. Newlyweds are also on the restricted diet those days and under constant supervision. Everything for future happiness!


In this country of love and romanse, couples in love use to hang the locks on the fence of the bridge and throw the key to the river as a symbol of their absolute comittment and everlasting love. Unfortunately lately it has become a large esthetic and environmental problem so this practice is becoming less common.

Another known custom is that a bride and a groom have to break a vase, to as many pieces it is possible, after the wedding ceremony. It is believed that a number of pieces indicate the numer of years the pair will stay together.


No matter how morbid this sounded, the favorit place for wedding ceremony young Russians is, believe it or not, graveyard. They pick a random grave of some not known hero, and while their invitees celebrating, dancing and having fun, the newlyweds in honor of those not knowing war heros are laying the flowers.


If you are bride, and want to have a traditional wedding ceremony in scotland, after this, maybe you will rethink twice. In Scotland, bride has to pass a sort of ritual initiation in which she has to cover herself with various awful things like; spoiled eggs, fish,or milk, mixture of tar and feathers and simillar, and in that condition walk the streets.

But, that’s not all, cause as this is not enough, they tie the bride to the tree and then party all night long. The justification of all this is the belief that if the bride “survive” all of this, she will be strong enough to deal with future marriage misfortunes.


Locals of this island have also unusual tradition; when a fiance finally decide to propose his future bride, he needs to bring as much unusual gift to her father, he can find. Very often the present is no more, no less then a whale tooth. I guess that nothing talk more about love of this young man to his future wife than diving in dangeruous waters and seraching for this rare thing.

South Sudan

People from a Sudan tribe called Neur, believe that marriage is not fullfilled without two children. If the women not give birth to two chilfren, husband has every right to ask for a divorce.

Mauritius island

In some parts of this beautiful island, it is believed that bigger women bring happyness and wealthin marriage. That’s why they are often forced to eat large amounts of food, which unfortunately smetimes leads to serious health problems.


Sugar in the end! The old Kyrgyzstan legend says that tears on a wedding day predict happy and long marriage. The custom was to kidnapp a women, who will than most certain cry and than marry her. If the bride somehow manages to escape to the kiddnapers, they need a lot of determination and courage to deal with the environmetal pression of people and even her own parents. Luckily, this custom is forbiden from 1991.

So whether you are the traditional type and stick to a wedding in your own country surrounded with your friends and family, or you prefer intimate wedding of you and your soulmate somewhere in warm destinations be sure to explore the customs of the country where you intend to marry, so you would not be surprised and wish you a long , happy and fulfilled marriage. 🙂

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  1. Hi,

    I read your post and it is so interesting to know the wedding traditions from others country. Thanks.

    I would like to give a glimpse of Malagascan’s traditions. Firstly, long time ago, getting married do not required to go to the chruch, the ceremony helds in the lady’s family dwelling. It consists to negotiate her family with an amount of money or giving them some zebus (cattle), depends on negotiation.

    Would like to mention that giving zebus or bargaining are a simple custom, it is the way to prove that the man really love his future wife and and ready to look after the lady during their entire life. 5Zebus is a sacred animals in Madagascar).

    Best wishes,


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