Small Christmas markets – Rijeka, Croatia

 What to say about Rijeka that is already not told? Well, I guess for me Rijeka is much more than just a town, cause I lived there for many years and therefore consider it a second home and a shelter that is always there for me, no matter what. It is located on the doorstep of the Adriatic sea, and it is a harbor town, capital of culture, rock and punk music and home of many students and young people which just stepped in the world of self-knowing. Rijeka is, as it’s very name says, a fluent river of freedom, joy, fun and pending opportunities.

It is beautiful in every part of the year but far more special at winter during advent time. So if you find yourself there, definitely stop by and enjoy.

Three must-see Christmas markets locations in Rijeka

City Center

All roads lead to Korzo; the main square in the city center which is a mirror of Rijeka multicultural and various lifestyle. In Christmas time you can simply enjoy in cold cleansing air and warm feeling of thousands of blinking Christmas lights while sipping mulled wine or treating yourself with delicious domestic food on city stands. You can sit down in one of the many cafes under a city watch – one of the symbols of the town itself, and simply absorb the whisper of life on the streets.

Kobler square 

If you step under the already mentioned city watch, you will find yourself directly at Kobler square and maybe find yourself more comfortable over there still in the city center but an inch of the old city core, out of the city crowd and still surrounded with beautiful fountains and in the middle of happenings. 

The gat of Karolina

If you like sports like I am, you will find yourself amazed with a huge ice skate park built in a city seafront. You can enjoy ice skating for a very reasonable price in a very unusual environment. It feels like you are with one foot on ice and one almost touching the sea 

Christmas market in a tunnel

The word is about real city tunnels which are built during the Workd War II by Italian soldiers for civil protection. Seventy-five years after they are opened for eyes of the public; well at least a part of them, and during Christmas time transformed in a place of joy for many people.

You can reach them very easy, just passing under the Korzo city watch and the Kobler square and then opposite to the famous church of St. Vid which is also considered a protector of the town itself. In there you can have a drink, grab a snack, and just take a walk and admire a symbiosis of a modern and a history or if you are there at the right time of the evening attend some pretty great parties or shows 

Trsat hillfort

Trsat “castle” Christmas market is by far the most stunning thing I have seen in a long time. The word is about old wiewpoint, 138 m above Rijeka city which served in history to control the way from the inetrior to the sea.

Nowadays is a monument of history with an amazing view on Rijeka and surrounding, and during Christmas time is absolute must-see attraction cause of its magnificent beauty.

What to do and eat 

Over there you can try yourself at ice skating, grab your self a delicious meal; fritule, sausages, seafood, hot wine, or maybe try something new as we did.  This year I decided to treat my self a new must-try drink; gin carbon with teranino. It is a combination of new gin tonic with a carbon and liqueur teranino which is made from typical Croatian wine Teran and we also try some hot  fig brandy and I think I found myself a new favorite drink even for summer days.

If you are not hungry, you can always just enjoy the amazing view and absorb bright energy around you and warm your heart with your beloved ones with song and joy.

I’ll let the images talk to themselves. 🙂

If you visit Rijeka, promisse that it will always find a path to your heart.

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