Small Christmas markets; Poreč, Croatia

Poreč is a small town in Istria, Croatia, which was relatively unknown outside Europe till recently,although is approximatelly 2000 years old.

Because of it’s natural beauties, mild clime, warm sea, good food,pleasant people and great summer festivals, lately it attracts mass of tourists and famous stars from all around the world.

What to see

There are plenty of things you can explore during your stay in Poreč, but I will mention just two of them cause I believe they are inevitable.

Island Sveti Nikola

It is a natural shrine of Poreč and a lighthouse, built by priests in 15. century and it contains beautiful buildings and beaches and luxury hotels where Will Smith and Rita Ora was settled during their stay. You can go there every day with a small boat that drives from the Poreč waterfront about every half an hour for a price about 4 euro for a return ticket.

The Euphrasian basilica

The word is about the most valued cultural monument of Istria, and world history and it’s known worldwide. It is built in sixth century and is also opened for public every day except for duration of religious ceremonials. During your visit, if you are not afraid of heights of course,you can also climb to basilica bell tower from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of Poreč and it’s surroundings.

Euphrasian basilica complex is also protected by UNESCO, which has incorporated it among tho monuments of world cultural heritage.

Christmas market in Poreč

Christmas markets in the cities on the sea are everything except usual. You can experience all the magic of Christmas spirit like in large markets but still remain warm and comfy. If you look for luxury or glamour, I have to disappoint you but you won’t find it here. Although if you like to experience warmth, connect more with your beloved ones, taste some pretty cool stuff, and try ice skating for free, and then take a walk by the sea, this is a perfect spot for you, especially if you’re child at heart like me, and still believe in wonders and Santa. Christmas market is settled in old town and its joints on the well – known Decumanus street.

What to eat and drink

I come to Poreč every year, and this time, same as always, there was also plenty delicious specialties to offer. You can choose within different burgers;

Istrian burger

Pulled pork burger

Black Agnus burger

You can also stay consistent, as well as with the movie ” Home Alone” and take some hot sausages in a bun and hot red or white wine five years in a row or be encouraged an try something new. This winter absolute hit drink that marked all the Christmas market’s that I’ve been, is a winter hot gin. A very sweet and pleasant combination of gin, apple juice and various spices like cinnamon and anis and it was a real blast for the palate. If you like desserts, then try hot domestic fritule with chocolatte.

What to do

Program for children

Poreč is a very child-friendly town, so you can attend different contents with your youngest; the house of Santa Clause, children’s plays on weekends, small fair train, or see fairy tale of Poreč in really fairy villa Polesini.

Ice skating

Although small, a skating rink in Poreč is very cute and even better it’s totally free all day. So if you are a beginer or you just want to improve your skills, do not hessitate and try and you never know, maybe you are a natural talent 🙂

Rich music and scenic program

Almost every day; or better said evening, there are different concerts of famous Croatian bends and artists which are also totally free for all the audience and if you are not familiar with it, don’t worry, just let the atmosphere of music and fun blew you away.

In a good festive spirit you can help someone and buy a traditional humanitarian lottery for society of invalids of Poreč a win amazing prizes, or if you are really lucky and you are at the fair at this one specific day, you will have the honor to see a staging of a live Nativity Scene from the Bible.

And finally; let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

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