Best places to go on Valentine day; a town of Giacomo Casanova, Vrsar, Croatia

Casanova viewpoint, Vrsar

Regardless of whether you are the supporter of St. Valentine’s day or you are a total anti-valentine person, I dare you to spoil yourself and this Valentine treat yourself or your beloved ones with a visit to this small town, and fall in love with it on the first sigh.

Vrsar; Croatia

Vrsar port

Vrsar is a small fisherman’s place, located in Istria, Croatia. This historical charming place dates from a Roman empire period and it is located almost on the very own mouth of Lim Bay, on the 54 m high hill and surrounded by sea and romantic islets and cliffs, with approximately only 3000 permanent residents. If you are fun of original nature, peace, good food and romance that pervades every pore of this city, you find a perfect location. The beauties of Vrsar could not resist even the greatest seducer of all times – Giacomo Casanova.

Sunset in Vrsar

Giacomo Casanova

Casanova was an Italian adventurer and author from the old Republic of Venice. He was associated with European royals, pops, and cardinals as well as some famous personalities like Voltaire, Mozart, and Goethe. Although it is famous for its work ” Story of my life” in which he represents customs of European social life during 18. century, it is better known for its unseen seduction numerous affairs with women.

Giacomo Casanova visited Vrsar two times. First time 1743. and later in 1744. Although he visited it by accident, he was still amazed with the beauties of the town at the time, so he mentioned it ih his work “Memoars”.

He describes his first visit in August 1943. while he was still a poor and unattractive priest and a second time when he came as a soldier while traveling from the Malamocco Venetian isle. That time his boat that carried 24 balls and two hundred Slavonian soldiers, anchored at night in Vrsar to take a ballast.

Casanova also mentioned his meeting with a local resident who worked for the past 20 years a s improper local surgeon and invited him for the breakfast and offered him an excellent ” Refoško” vine. In the second visit he also describes the adventure with some girl from Vrsar, the servant of don Girolamo, and states that precisely for this reason and some other coincidences, the surgeon became famous and rich.

In honor of this important historical event, every year in the summertime, among the other things, a historic fair is held called Casanova fest at which you can see how the ancient people in Vrsar lived, their customs, food as well as different shows and plays. Gallery of this beautiful event you can find on

Best things to see in Vrsar

The best thing about Vrsar is that if you rent an accommodation in it, you are on the perfect geographical position because you are about half an hour remote from any other town in Istria, which has also much to offer, and you have quiet and the prices are probably much lower then in the bigger towns. Still, Vrsar also has a lot to offer.

Vrsar, Croatia
Vrsar sunset, Croatia

Vrsar old town

Take a walk and stary throw the small old town allies and absorb the soul of the ancient city core. Visit the church of St. Martin and climb up for a very reasonable price to its bell tower to see a stunning view, or you can see a smaller church of St. Foška. Take a look at a street where Casanova lived or one of few viewpoints and I guarantee you, that number of houses of a different color as in Vrsar old town you have not seen before.

Door in old town, Vrsar

Lim bay

The word is about one of the most beautiful natural wealt of Istrian peninsula. Lim bay is longer than ten kilometers and it is rich on animal and plant world so it is was proclaimed one of the natural reserves in Croatia. You can access it very easy by car. You just have to follow the directions for Rovinj. At this south side of the bay, you can find the beautiful cave of St. Romualdo.

You can also leave your car on the Vrsar small sports aerodrome and while you are there take a look at small, open Avio park museum and then take a walk through the trail of St. Romualdo from which you can also see a part of the bay.

The third and my favorite option is to take a boat ride form Vrsar harbor, which costs around 15-20 euro and enjoy the excursion on Lim bay, bathing, fish picnic and it’s beautiful Pirate cave for which I assure you that you would miss much if you don’t see it.

Pirate cave, Vrsar
Me and my friends visiting Lim bay
Interior of Pirate cave, Vrsar

Sculpture park of Dušan Džamonja

Regardless of it, whether you are an art lover or not, this park is something that you really need to see. Not only it is a park of a world-famous sculptor, but this park is also located at the natural foreground of his house atelier. You can enjoy watching these abstract sculptures for free and enjoy the green and fresh air.

Beautiful nature

If you are lazy for anything of this and just want to rest your soul and body, you can relax at one of the countless beaches or take a walk or a bike tour throw Kuntija forest, or afford your self a mssage on the beach and a big glass of favorite cocktail.

If you are still not persuaded, to encourage you to travel cheaper to Vrsar but also any other district I give you this free 15$ accommodation discount

Travel, love and grow 🙂

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